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KLZR Underwriting

What is Underwriting?

As a community radio station, we are unable to solicit conventional advertisements. Instead, we offer sponsorship opportunities in the form of underwriting. Underwriting consists of brief radio announcements, or “spots,” that inform our listeners about what products, services or events your business or organization offers.

Underwriting support on KLZR provides you with the opportunity to reach out to listeners who can’t be reached through commercial media outlets. We want to help you connect with residents down the street and across the valley by working with you on crafting a message that will meet your needs in reaching a larger audience.

Pricing and Scheduling

Underwriting scripts are written jointly by the underwriter and KLZR’s underwriting staff to ensure accuracy and to comply with FCC standards. All announcements are 15-20 seconds long, air twice daily 7 days a week between 6am and 6pm, and include a business listing on our website.

Underwriting Announcements vs. Commercial Announcements

Before proposing verbiage, it is helpful to understand the difference between an underwriting announcement and a commercial announcement. Expressions you hear in an ordinary commercial would not be permissible under a non-commercial radio license. Announcements promoting goods and services must not include qualitative or comparative language. Several examples of announcements that would clearly violate the rule may be helpful:

A.  Announcements containing pricing information are not permissible.  This would include any announcement of interest rate information, indication of savings, or specific value associated with the product.  — “7.7% interest rate available now.” “30% cheaper than our competitor.” “$2.00 off on Mondays”.

B.  Announcements containing a ‘call to action’ are not permissible.  “Stop by our showroom”; or “Try product X”.

C.  Announcements containing inducements are not permissible.  “Six months’ free service”; “Bonus this week”; “Special gift for the first 50 visitors.”

Here is a side-by-side comparison of a commercial announcement and an underwriting announcement if written for the same business:

Commercial Announcement

“Top Dollar Pawn pays top money1 for all your gold scrap, watches, heirlooms, diamonds, silver, electronics, guns, tools, and motorcycles2. Come see3 our large collection of firearms! Top Dollar Pawn offers a distinctive, upscale4 shopping experience!”

The reasons this announcement would not be permissible are:

  1. The claim that Top Dollar Pawn ‘pays top money’ is unprovable and promotional in nature.
  2. The inclusion of a long shopping list of items gives the impression of a classified ad, or a workaround of the FCC’s restrictions on promotional content.
  3. Calls to action such as “come see us” are acceptable on a commercial station, but would violate the non-commercial nature of our broadcast license.
  4. The claim that the shopping experience is ‘upscale’ and ‘distinctive’ are subjective and promotional in nature.

Underwriting Announcement

“Top Dollar Pawn: Offering cash loans and items for sale1 – tools, jewelry, firearms, and much more2. Open Monday through Saturday at 206 Main Street3. TopDollarPawn.com4

This announcement is compliant with our FCC guidelines because:

  1. The business offers loans and items for sale, but does not make an un-provable claim that they are the best, or pay the most for these types of transactions.
  2. Their description of items/services is true, yet not exhausting, thus avoiding an overbearing sales pitch.
  3. The spot gives relevant contact info, identifying, rather than promoting the business.
  4. The length of the ad can be spoken in under 15-20 seconds.

KLZR Underwriter Directory

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