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KLZR Podcasts

Valley Views

Gary Taylor’s Valley Views features interviews with interesting and influential people here in the Wet Mountain Valley.

Wet Mountain Valley Dry Goods

Nicole Parsons has created the very popular Wet Mountain Valley Dry Goods show, each episode a story related to life and people here in the Valley.

Words On The Wind

Nearly 10 years ago, KWMV invited local poets and writers to read their original work for Words On The Wind. KLZR has continued this tradition. (Find out how to get involved below.*)

* Words on The Wind: Community Poetry & Storytelling

KLZR encourages anyone in our community that would like to participate to contact the station. You are welcome to read your original poems or favorite works of other poets. Storytelling is also welcome. Due to the nature of the show submissions should be less than 5 minutes long.