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    • Big Bands and Crooners

      Friday 12:00 am - 2:00 am

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    • Big Bands and Crooners

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Programming at KLZR

KLZR’s local music and information programming is tied directly to the station’s mission:

To be a local, sustainable, interactive community radio station committed to reliable, informative, timely and entertaining programs for everyone living in the Wet Mountain Valley.

Our goals:

  • Understand and represent the diverse concerns and interests of the community
  • Present timely information in a complete, fair, and unbiased manner
  • Be a dynamic radio station for informing, entertaining and building community connections

We work to fulfill our mission by drawing on the interest, talent and connections of people who live in the Wet Mountain Valley. The Program Committee is comprised of station members who have an interest in local radio and how it can best meet our community’s needs. They work together to manage, coordinate and evaluate our program schedule to maintain integrity of KLZR’s mission.

The Program’s Committee’s duties:

  1. Oversee a program schedule that meets mission and community needs, serving diverse populations, and building a quality station.
  2. Provide as much programming as possible that is directly produced by our volunteers here in the Wet Mountain Valley.
  3. Guide and monitor the planning, development, and implementation of programs aimed at serving the local community.
  4. Oversee, support and train a roster of DJs and station broadcasting volunteers.

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