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To become a skilled digital communicator

KLZR’s “N50Media Program For The Next 50 Generation” is designed to help people over fifty develop the digital media skills needed to be active, engaged, and informed community members. Participants will be mentored in production of their own program or other content for broadcast, podcast or digital communications. There is no cost to participate.



The Stories You Could Tell — If You Just Knew How


Helping Others Give Voice To Their Experiences


The Possibilities



Design and explore a project with the help of KLZR’s experienced mentors. Here are a few examples:

Radio Storytelling for individuals and organizations
Local remote sportscasting from the high school, rodeo or even the bowling alley!
Audio tour of the Valley’s historical landmarks or natural landscapes
Sharing life knowledge and conversation with your neighbors through a podcast
Radio Drama
DJing your own show
Your idea!


Learn skills to expand connections and build community in the Wet Mountain Valley.

Audio editing
Field or studio recording
Social Media


KLZR’s N50Media Program For The Next 50 Generation is led by Shanna Lewis and Sandi Dalton.  Shanna’s journalism work has been featured on NPR, and U.S. News and World Report. Sandi produces the Friday editions of KLZR’s Wet Mountain Wakeup Call and has been on the KLZR Special Alerts team since 2018.

The most important things you need to bring to this program are an enthusiasm for building community, a willingness to learn new skills and a commitment to bring your project to life. Program runs from July to December 2021. There is no cost to participate and space is limited. For more information or to apply contact Sandi or Shanna at or leave a message at (719) 204-4538. Follow the link below to apply.

KLZR’s N50Media program is funded by NextFifty Initiative, a Colorado based foundation working to benefit communities through the diverse experiences of people over fifty.


KLZR N50Media Program Application