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On December 22, a power outage corrupted KLZR’s operating system, causing KLZR to go off the air. It took quite some time and a lot of work to get us up and running. KLZR would like to thank members of our technical support team for their good efforts.

Bob Thomason built KLZR’s infrastructure and continues to offer support when needed. He recently got the webcam up and running on

Irwin Burton maintains our network, performing daily checks on the station’s operations.

AJ Biggerstaff has put hundreds of hours into building and maintaining our playlists and library. He is familiar with the nuts and bolts of KLZR’s operation and recently completed a comprehensive DJ handbook.

Joe Srogoncik is KLZR’s contact with ENCO, supplier of the software that keeps KLZR on the air. Joe recently spent many hours upgrading our software and working out the inevitable bugs.

All four of these volunteers answered the call when KLZR went off the air recently. Thank You!