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KLZR Help Wanted!  Part Time Office Manager

KLZR Help Wanted! Part Time Office Manager

To apply, please send your resume to Gary Taylor at by January 15, 2023


Job Description: Office and Operations Manager, KLZR Radio, Westcliffe, CO


KLZR’s mission is to inform, entertain and connect all who care about the Wet Mountain Valley. KLZR is looking to hire an Office and Operations Manager (OOM), a part time position, with the goal of ensuring the smooth operation of the station freeing up more of board members’ time for more strategic tasks. The OOM will be responsible for ensuring that strategic board direction is translated into day-to-day broadcasting tactics and station operations.

Position Summary

KLZR is seeking a part time Office and Operations Manager who will manage the operations of the station, ensuring consistency and compliance with KLZR’s strategic goal of being on the air 24/7/365. The ideal candidate will have strong communication and organizational skills, with a background in computer and IT skills. Responsibilities will include the day-to-day operations of office management and KLZR’s computer infrastructure as well as coordinating critical communication with our volunteers, the community, and other stakeholders.

Preferred Experience, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrated experience within the IT/computing sphere
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and trouble shoot technical infrastructure issues
  • Highly developed organizational, interpersonal communication and time management skills
  • Brings an objective, non-partisan approach with critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work within, and foster, teams
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • Knowledge and connections within the Wet Mountain Valley and the KLZR community

Attributes Required/Desired

  • Organizational skills, computer skills, people skills
  • Team player
  • Friendly outgoing
  • Willingness, and ability, to be the face of the station
  • Roots and connections in the community

Our ideal candidate will have a combination of the above experience and qualifications or an interest and willingness to learn.


Appx. 12 hours / week, @ $20/hour, $12,480 annually Potential job hour growth.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2023

Duties and Responsibilities

General Administration and Operations

  1. General oversight of the station

Office hours, monitor station

  1. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) compliance
  2. Mailings, Newsletters and Publications

Annual report, quarterly newsletter, donor appeals and communication

  1. IT Tasks and Operations

Keep all studio and production equipment up and running in good order, including ENCO rebuild, streaming audio, web server and web/computer

  1. website maintenance/modifications, podcast updates and DJ scheduling

Programming and DJs

  1. Update DJ, volunteer documents
  2. Oversee DJs and conduct regular meetings with them
  3. Train DJs coordinating with Program Committee
  4. Correspond with BMI, ASCAP and SESAC
  5. Work with volunteer music manager to manage library
  6. Coordinate with DJs for obtaining new music
  7. Review KLZR programs in light of the station’s mission and standards
  8. Support volunteer producer/broadcasters for Valley Views
  9. Download of weekly syndicated shows

Event Management

Facilitate organization of KLZR events (Block parties, Rock N Soul Jam, Taste of the Valley, Summer in the Park, High Peaks Music Festival)

KLZR is Hiring – Part Time News Director

KLZR is Hiring – Part Time News Director

KLZR has made it a top priority to increase the quality of our local news content and we have made a lot of progress this past year.  We are sad to announce that Meredith Thomason is leaving KLZR for a full time position.  We will be hiring a part time news director to oversee the next step of our effort to become an essential resource for those who want to keep up on what’s happening in the Wet Mountain Valley.



KLZR is seeking a part-time News Director who will manage our daily Monday through Friday newsletter, Valley News, concentrated on providing hyper-local newsworthy information. Additionally, the News Director will manage the production of KLZR’s daily weekday Wake Up Call program and special reports and oversee the day-to-day operations of all news and community information programming.

The News Director will lead KLZR’s daily local news coverage across all platforms: radio, web, social media and daily Monday through Friday newsletter with a combination of creativity and consistency. The News Director will ensure that the news coverage and community information reflect the highest standards of ethics, audio production and public serve to the KLZR audience and the community it serves.

Preferred Experience, Skills and Abilities

* Communications/writing experience and/or a Bachelor’s degree in a related field
* Highly developed organizational, interpersonal communication and time management skills
* Brings an objective, non-partisan approach with critical thinking skills
* Programming experience with community radio
* Strong knowledge of digital media and audio production
* Demonstrated ability to learn and troubleshoot new technologies
* Radio interviewing experience
* Demonstrated ability to work independently
* Familiarity and interest in covering local news and events


* Lead a team of volunteers/contract broadcasters in creating meaningful and informative content with a focus on local concerns and issues
* Ensure all news and information is accurate, unbiased, apolitical, and complies with applicable laws and regulations

* Wake Up Call (WUC): gather information daily, provide broadcast scripts to broadcasters and disseminate it, supervising volunteers and contractors as needed to support production and broadcast; upload daily WUC to the KLZR website.
* Valley News: Produce Monday through Friday newsletter on our email marketing platform and update the KLZR website Valley News section Monday through Friday
* Create/maintain liaisons and communication channels with community organizations and news sources to produce local content, attending community meetings as needed
* Manage recruitment, training of volunteer and contract news broadcasters
* Manage the content production budget and provide direction for grant requests
* Foster a creative, positive and collaborative work environment
* Special Reports: (periodic) organize and expand topics, gather information or work with volunteers/contractors who do so; edit and finalize.

Attributes Required/Desired

* Familiarity with software/social media tools: TeamViewer, ConvertKit, Google Suite, Facebook
* Roots in the community
* Interested/excited by the KLZR news concept
* Management skills, team player
* Friendly, outgoing, able to engage news sources
* Desire to grow news department that covers and collaborates with partners
* Knowledge of and/or interest in issues relating to the Wet Mountain Valley

Compensation: 20 hours/week @ $20/hour

To Apply

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For best consideration apply by January 20, 2023. To apply, please submit the following to KLZR Board Vice President, Kathy Blaha at

Smythe & Taylor help us welcome …

Smythe & Taylor help us welcome …


On Saturday evening March 19 at All Aboard Westcliffe, Smythe & Taylor helped KLZR fans welcome spring!  Meredith Thomason was there to introduce the band … and herself!  KLZR welcomes the newest member of our team, News Director Meredith Thomason!


Thanks to Cathy Snow, daughter Heather and granddaughter Maya, along with Bob Fulton, for making this fundraising event for KLZR happen Of course, THANK YOU to Gary and TC for a wonderful evening. it was great to see you back on stage!  Lots of folks in the crowd hadn’t seen each other for a long while.



Paul Leach

Paul Leach


Paul joined the Board in 2015. He is the Compliance Officer, making sure music royalties are paid and FCC regulations are being followed. He is retired from the trucking industry, having owned and managed a transportation services brokerage for 30 years. Paul manages the station’s photo archives and you will often see him behind the camera at KLZR events. Paul loves a wide variety of music and is a regular DJ on KLZR.