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About KLZR

KLZR’s Mission Statement

To be a local, sustainable, interactive community radio station committed to reliable, informative, timely and entertaining programs for everyone living in the Wet Mountain Valley.

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KLZR 91.7 FM

In Custer County’s Wet Mountain Valley, radio listeners have choices but only one truly local station. KLZR 91.7 FM offers great music, local information and makes community connections through its members who participate in programming and broadcasting – making KLZR a place on the dial for local voices.

Since 2004, KLZR (originally operating as KWMV-LPFM) has broadcast a wide range of news, information, cultural and public service programming to residents in the Wet Mountain Valley.

The station is run wholly by volunteers led by a volunteer Board of Directors. All expenses are paid for with local giving through program underwriting, membership and donations. The combined experience and expertise of our station manager and other volunteer staff along with our strong community connections have made the radio station a successful addition to the Valley.

KLZR collaborates with the local theater, newspaper and a host of other local nonprofit organizations to inform, discuss, develop connections and entertain. Storytelling – the first step toward making connections – has turned out to be one of the highlights of the radio station offering community members a chance to create their own programs and allowing neighbors to hear each other on the air.

We firmly believe KLZR creates more value for its listeners than just music and local programs. By providing regular on-air updates during emergencies, this community-based station is uniquely situated to provide essential public-safety information and help coordinate grassroots-led efforts.

KLZR is committed to using radio broadcasting to help make positive changes in our community – reaching out to youth with training, program production and storytelling skills; engaging old-timers in the valley with the opportunity for preserving our history through stories of the past; and linking and networking newcomers with the diverse activities going on in the valley.