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    • Route 96 Roadhouse

      Thursday 8:00 am - 10:00 am

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    • Route 96 Roadhouse

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About KLZR

KLZR’s Mission Statement

To be a local, sustainable, interactive community radio station committed to reliable, informative, timely and entertaining programs for everyone living in the Wet Mountain Valley.

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KLZR 91.7 FM

A 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded in 2004, KLZR, broadcasting from Westcliffe, Colorado at 91.7FM, serves the Wet Mountain Valley and beyond through our internet stream. One hundred percent community-powered with volunteers, KLZR provides musical programming 24/7, local concerts and other events throughout the year in our Valley.

Listener-supported, KLZR strives to create reliable, informative, and entertaining content for our listeners. We’re the Valley’s only local station broadcasting and we take seriously our mission to keep our local community not only entertained but informed about important and emergency news around weather, wildfires, public health and road conditions.

We strive to understand and represent the diversity of our community through both music and talk programs. The station maintains an extensive library of music of all kinds – over 50,000 songs – with a cadre of DJs who curate a unique mix of music for all interests. All of the station’s musical programming is controlled by our DJs who play what they love. Local programs reflect the interests, talent and activities going on in our community.

But our work is broader than broadcast. KLZR has a history of bringing unique live experiences to the Wet Mountain Valley – whether concerts with musical talent, or conversations with local leaders, creators and innovators. Through our events, volunteer program and community outreach we build community connections. Our High Peaks Music Festival is ten years old and brings the best of Colorado Americana to Westcliffe every fall. Rock ‘N’ Soul Jam, another all-day music affair gets ticket-buyers dancing in the park. And Taste of the Valley introduces KLZR supporters to the best in food and wine all in support of the station’s operations.

Just listen and you’ll understand how our local talent drives our uniquely rural western station.